HTC005 FOUNDATION - self titled

Format: 12"
Released: 2001
Pressinginfo: 500 copies (black vinyl)
CD Version: Fueled by Ramen

01.Better Days
02.Falling Victim
03.Engines Of Alienation
04.Love's Easy Tears
05.Tripping Through
06.The Skies Won't Fall
07.Eye For An Eye (Honky Tonk Version)
08.Forget Today Forget Tomorrow
10.Another Lonely Sunday
11.Lost Along The Way (Our Hemmingway)
12.Old Shoes

Rob / ANN BERETTA went into the studio inspired by Tom Waits "Closing Time" with nine new songs. The first tracks were acoustic guitar and vocals. The rest is history. The album contains 12 songs total. Nine original Foundation songs, two Ann Beretta acoustic renditions, and a Tom Waits cover. Foundation will not only move, and inspire you, but leave you falling in love with the simplicity of the spirit, message, and soul of what happens when you let go, reach deep inside, and find a voice that has been there all along.