HTC010 CHAMBERLAIN - five-year diary

Format: 2x12"
Released: 2004
Pressinginfo: 750 copies (black double vinyl)

01.Everything Here
02.Magnetic 62nd
03.Racing Cincinnati
04.From Infinity to the County Fair
05.The World Don't Want Us
06.Last To Know
07.Stars In The Streetlight
08.Five-Year Diary(Prelude) live
09.Mountain of a Heart (live)
10.Lonesome Song(live)
11.The World Don't Want Us(live)
12.Racing Cincinnati(live)
13.Magnetic 62nd (live)
14.Five-Year Diary(Interlude) live
15.Wherever I Lay My Head(live)
16.Good Enough(live)
17.Stars In The Streetlight(live)
18.Manhattan's Iron Horses(live)
19.Crush You(live)
20.Last To Know (live)
21.Go Down Beleiving (live)
22.Five Year Diary(Refrain) live
23.Try For Thunder
24.The South Has Spoiled Me
25.Hope You Show Up Soon
27.Steady Tryin' To Holler
28.Five-Year Diary(Reprise) live

Considering the drastic change of style from their initial incarnation as Split Lip, it remains a firm fact that any new Chamberlain release is met with high anticipation. For this incredible 28-track retrospective DOUBLE CD the wait has been a long and loyal one for many fans and an exciting prospect to finally hear the band's demo works and lost gems. Most notably this features material from the original five piece line-up and unveils the much awaited and rumoured songs from the time between the debut Chamberlain release "Fates Got A Driver" and the last record from the band in it's original form "The Moon My Saddle". This is an extremely significant aspect of this collection as it bridges the gap between those two records and provides important evidence of the band's progression from their post-hardcore / emo roots to their latter day alternative country rock leanings.