Bristle Ridge
Format: LP (gatefold)
Released: May 2008
Pressinginfo: 1510 copies (black vinyl)

01.Bloody Shells
03.Cold Night
04.Hold My Bed
05.Simple Life
06.Sun Or Snow
07.Darling Corey
08.Distant Land To Roam
10.Heading Down
11.The Light
12.Judgement Day


Iíve just completed a new record with some great friends.
After the west coast run, Jon Gaunt and I teamed up with Austin Lucas,
his father Bob Lucas, and Bass fiddle man Digger Barnes.
Together we hit it off from the start and comprised a solid record of 12 numbers. What we came up with was a great and special moment unexpected by all of us there. Austin and I have planned this project for sometime now, even though this record is considered a split collaboration between all of us involved.
The songs consist of 3 Chuck Ragan originals, 3 Austin Lucas originals,
3 Ragan/Lucas originals, 1 original by Bob Lucas, and 2 old time standards
called Darling Corey and Distant Land To Roam.
The entire record has a very strong sense of bluegrass, folk and old time gospel with a certain feel of exactly where we were and what was going on when we laid it down. Which was a group of strangers coming together to enjoy good food and music up in the hills on the highest point of Ohio for a week and leaving as friends by the end. We recorded this session at Bob Lucas and Laura Gayleís home on top of Bristle Ridge in Zanesfield, Ohio.
It was truly a sight and time to remember and we owe these kindred spirits for this great memory!

Chuck Ragan