HTC025 MIKE HALL - lives like mine

Format: LP
Released: May 2009
Pressinginfo: 300 on Black/Clear Inside Outside
700 on Grey w/ Red Haze

01. lives like mine
02. indigo blues
03. when she loves me
04. losing ground
05. red tide
06. your heart just may
07. eager to die
08. making history today
09. all for that working hour
10. if you wanted to know
11. places everyone
12. how to walk away

Mike Hale's first album came out on Asian Man and was a great debut album. With the release of "Lives Like Mine", Mike has outdone himself. The recording sounds perfect. The backing vocals (provided by Allyson Seconds, Kevin's wife) remind me Juliana Hatfield backing Evan Dando back when they were both in the Lemonheads. Mike writes from the heart writing beautifully melancholy songs. I can think of very few artists that write the way Mike does and we are so honored to have released this album.

"Lives Like Mine" follows up where "Broken With No Hope" leaves off taking the listener through a very personal albeit heart-wrenching journey. Mike's music is so beautiful and this recording has Mike playing a number of songs on piano as well as acoustic guitar. Fans of Mike's last album will not be disappointed.