HTC035 JON SNODGRASS - five-state record

Format: LP
Released: November 4th 2011
Pressinginfo: 500 copies (black)

01. Hey, Dennis
02. Weighing in on St.Michael
03. Campaign Song'93
04. Bad Kreuznach
05. Regi Song
06. Song For Gibson
07. Hopper
08. They're Not Friends
09. Excitable
10. Born Apart

You'll find rock songs, sad songs, a couple songs you won't expect, more songs that you will probably expect and one or two silly songs on this 10 song record.

Like 'Visitor's Band', this record follows in the same tradition of recording. That means tracking with many friends in many locations. This time introducing a new cast of characters, hosted in new locations. Stephen Egerton of 'All / DESCENDENTS', Brandon Carlisle of 'Teenage Bottlerocket', Chris Wollard of 'Hot Water Music' w/ Addison Burns, Chad Darby & Bobby Brown of Wollard's equally fantastic band 'The Ship Thieves'.

Also including appearances from tried & true buddies such as Cory Branan, Darren Radach and  Brian Wahlstrom of the 'Scorpios'. These songs were recorded in Colorado, Oklahoma, Florida, Texas & New York. This release has exclusive tracks for 'Hometown Caravan' and this European Tour. It includes the "Tri-State" 7in released by 'Paper & Plastic' in the U.S. in May 2011 and two songs from the Jon Snodgrass / Cory Branan split which was never officially released in Europe. It also includes handy translations in the insert for all the people of all the countries Jon plans to visit on the Oct/Nov. 2011 'Scorpios' European Tour, The 'Scorpios' are Joey Cape, Tony Sly, Jon Snodgrass & Brian Whalstrom.

Comes with a free download code.