Mike had fronted the Gainesville act, Gunmoll, and put out a number of rocking records out on No Idea. When Gunmoll called it a day, Mike headed West to California where he started another amazing rock band, In the Red, and he started recording music as a solo artist. He released a split 7" with Chris Wollard of Hot Water Music and the Draft, and put out his debut album on Asian Man Records. "Broken With No Hope" was released towards the end of February '08. In may 2009 Mike released his great second solo album on HOMETOWN CARAVAN & SUBURBAN HOME called "lives like mine". This new album follows up where "Broken With No Hope" leaves off taking the listener through a very personal albeit heart-wrenching journey. Mike's music is so beautiful and this recording has Mike playing a number of songs on piano as well as acoustic guitar. Fans of Mike's last album will not be disappointed.